by sahnarama

I’m new to this blogging business. Here, have some buzzwords: Food. Travel. Winter sunshine. Old Buildings. Walking. Peanut butter toast. Black buckle ankle boots. What? This feels weird.



Stick around if you curious about what I’m reading, what I’m cooking, what I’m seeing and loving and living. Let’s share. See some corners of Melbourne. Stick around if you like recipes that work. And photos of food. Lots of them. Stick around if you’re into kale and sweet potato. Stick around if healthy, natural baked goods, dark chocolate, roasted vegetables, roasted everything, melty cheese and red wine are your things. Definetely stick around if you’re obsessed with peanut butter. Welcome to the club. Let’s get jackets made.



Here, have a random photo of a sunset from my balcony. Colours.



Well. Blogging journey starts now. New things. Challenges. Hope to have you along for the ride. Oh, and you can follow me on Instagram for day to day deliciousness and pictures of sunsets. I seem to be obsessed with sunsets. And trees.


– S